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Here’s the long and short of it: 
It has nothing to do with the company. If the company is legit and profitable, it will make it with or without you. 

It’s not even the products. The products are the end result of buying the message the company is pushing out to their audience. 

But there is a secret to being successful in Network Marketing. 

These sound familiar?
Rejections left and right early on (hitting up family and friends who have already been hit up by their family and friends)
Hearing how “crazy” you are for starting a Network Marketing company (because it’s all just scams, right)
Discouraged feelings when others who signed up at the same time as you are killing it in the game and you’re simply NOT
Rejections left and right early on (hitting up family and friends who have already been hit up by their family and friends)

Hearing how “crazy” you are for starting a Network Marketing company (because it’s all just scams, right)

Discouraged feelings when others who signed up at the same time as you are killing it in the game and you’re simply NOT
Experiencing all of those emotions and let downs can lead you to want to quit. 

But the truth is that too many people (like you and me) want to throw in the towel too quickly. 

We want to have our cake, eat it too, but some are not willing to grind the flour to actually make the delicious cake they want to eat. 
80% of the failures seen in Network Marketing are simply people who quit when they fail. 

I remember when my first objection came from my best friend, I was crushed!

She laughed in my face and openly made fun of me for taking part of what she called “a pyramid scheme”. That was exactly when I wanted to throw in the towel - call it quits right then and there. 

If she didn’t believe in me, who would? I went home and bawled. I decided to have a real conversation with my upline, and that’s when I realized something HUGE! 

My best friend was simply ignorant to me because I was ignorant to the entire Network Marketing industry! 

If I wanted to make it big in this business, I needed to start showing up for my business (and treat it like an actual business)! 

Of course it sounds like a super easy shift to make, but it took some serious work. Once I decided to do the work, I started creating a freedom lifestyle that I never could have imagined was possible! 

I see you out there, struggling to see your business as an actual business. 

Struggling to realize that it takes real, hard work to make it BIG. 

Sadly, I see way too many Network Marketers suffer in this area. I’d be willing to bet you’re sitting in that same spot right now. 

I have good news for you..
Suffering really sucks and can sting pretty badly. 

BUT you are NOT Alone! 

And the suffering you are experiencing is nothing but optional! 

And now, you can make the shift and stop suffering today When You Join 
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What's inside...

You will get immediate access to ALL of Julie's programs and training:
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Here's a behind the scenes look....
“I have been working with Julie Burke recently and I just have to say it was worth the investment - I’ve had enormous breakthrough’s not only in just my business but my mindset has completely changed. I went from being completely scared, no confidence to believing that I am worthy of all my dreams and desires no matter how big or small. I do not let fear hold me back anymore - I have reached out to my chicken list, I have added new business partners and customers - in just a short amount of time I have had tremendous growth and so many breakthrough’s and just wanted to thank Julie for all she has done for me”

-Kerri P. 

What a powerhouse of a program! The value that Julie brings, was absolutely priceless for me. I am thrilled that I always have this program to reference back to when I need it.

Getting to know Julie through her coaching has been so much fun for me! I love how she brings forward such a no-BS attitude alongside her magnetic personality. It was more like hanging out with a great friend than "training" for me. Julie's wisdom and experience with network marketing and coaching brought incredible value into every single conversation. 

- Amy Jo Davies

There’s some serious questions you’ve got to first ask yourself before taking the big leap:

What other business, if not Network Marketing, would allow you actually make residual income without sucking your soul out every single day?

If you don’t start it right now, then when will you actually start?

And, if it’s not you who starts this business, then who will?

I see you over there taking all of the courses you can possibly get your hands on… but it’s time NOW to implement and take serious action NOW!

Here are the cold, hard facts: 

1 - You're in business for yourself. You are your own boss. You control your destiny, which means some days you might not feel your best. You get down because someone didn’t call you back or told you no. You want that support so you don’t sit in that place of resistance for too long.
2 - Receiving help from others that have gone before you is priceless. They know what has worked and what hasn’t. What this does is help you to create better conversations which will mean you make more sales so in turn you can earn more money, and as a result of that, start to build a legacy. 
3 - The "playing field" is level inside Network Marketing. Absolutely anyone can win. Everyone has the same program, the same product, the same compensation plan. Your success is dependent on you, and it is up to you to make it happen.
This is for you if...
Financial freedom and personal freedom is calling you in every single way
Freedom from that soul-sucking work doesn’t light you up
Freedom from people or situations you don't like or want to distance yourself from
Freedom from being told what to do and when to do it
Freedom to earn more money and create a better lifestyle for you and your family (both in the present and in the future)
Freedom to pursue and achieve your goals (not be a part of someone else's)
Freedom to make your dreams become a real, tangible reality
You want the American Dream, but don't know how in the world to actually achieve it.
You are looking for a community and culture with standards that will raise you higher and keep you accountable to achieve greater things.
You want to feel important with your work and create more of an impact on the world around you.
You’re tired of letting the words “pyramid schemes” keep you in a stuck position (because FYI - that’s what people who are ignorant to Network Marketing say about our industry, so you’ve got to show them their w.r.o.n.g.)
Here's What Others Had To Say...
I have thoroughly enjoyed this course. I’m so pleased I said yes. I love Julie’s honest approach and methods, and the structure and content didn’t just meet my expectations, it exceeded them. I’ve done trainings with my network marketing company, but never really covered social media in much depth. I learned so much and have so many notes with countless Golden Nuggets! Thanks so much Julie, I hope to see you again soon ❤️ 

- Deborah Taylor 

Julie really hand picked the best speakers to share their knowledge, along with her own knowledge. I learned so much that I would have never learned without this training!

- Ashley
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